La Fiesta de la Cruz (The Feast of the Holy Cross) is a special and annual event. The popular celebration of chanted rosaries based on a Catholic tradition in honor of the Cross that Puertoricans inherited from Spain became further ingrained on the island by survivors of an earthquake that struck many years ago. Because Las Fiestas de Cruz is a long-standing testament to key cultural expressions of Puerto Rico, and is still practiced by the Puertorican community in East Harlem, inspired and influenced, LP21 has consistently made it a point to celebrate them. This event has primarily been used to strengthen family and community ties through communal rejoicing, and has been celebrated to ensure that these oral and community traditions thrive in the Diaspora and for generations to come!

LP21’s annual Fiesta Navideña is a time tested and popular event that embraces the warmth of the holiday season in true Puerto Rican and community style. This event includes live performances Every December, and since 1989 LP21 has hosted this incomparable Holiday Fiesta as a humble and warm event complete with savory Puerto Rican food, refreshing beverages, and, of course, the swinging music that characterizes the lively celebrations of Puerto Rican Christmas.

Bomba y Plena: Un Paso Alante is designed to continue cultivating the musical skills, performing arts skills and artistic talents of interested participants by using Bomba and Plena as a common language. This intensive class series is held a few times a year for more advanced dancers.

The Bomba & Plena Community Workshops is LP21's own community school for cultural arts learning. The workshops, offered since 1989, is a staple program in the community and offers engaging music, dance and creative arts classes to students and adults of all ages. For more information visit our page on Scribd

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In The House offers educational performances and other learning activities set in East Harlem and other vibrant New York communities to enrich NYC students' academic experiences by increasing their access to cultural programming outside the classroom. For more information visit our page on Scribd

Sancocho Musical brings together diverse artists, musicians and musical genres as chosen ingredients to create a swinging and jamming evening of live music, song and dance that pleases the soul and satisfies the hunger to dance and participate in good music amongst friends, community and family. This annual event also highlights and pays homage to the invaluable contributions of Puerto Rican community and arts leaders, who are fondly known as LOS MAESTROS.

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