About Los Pleneros de la 21
Founded in 1983 by National Heritage Fellow, Juan Gutiérrez, Los Pleneros de la 21 ("LP21") is a non-profit community based organization and music ensemble located in the heart of El Barrio (Spanish Harlem).

Board of Directors
Roberta Singer
Francis Acevedo
Marinieves Alba
Pedro Pedraza
Frank Cruz
Elena Martinez
Angel Rivera
Mayra Torress
Eric Canales

Mission Statement
Los Pleneros de la 21 is dedicated to fostering awareness, appreciation and understanding of the richness and vitality of Puerto Rican artistic traditions of African descent and Creole, as well as to promote their further development. Our overall goals are: 1) to present accessible public traditional music programming, 2) to expose inner city youth and others to the cultural heritage of Puerto Rico and encourage their active participation in these traditions, and 3) to perform a repertoire of works embedded in the rich tradition of Puerto Rican folk music to audiences everywhere.

LP21 is a certified non-profit organization and charity.

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